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Momma Kombucha strongly believes in reusing and recycling, so we have a bottle reuse program.  When you’re finished your delicious kombucha, we ask you to return your clean bottles to Gloria, so they can be returned and reused.   Save the planet one bottle at a time.

Momma Lives!

Momma Kombucha carefully crafts fresh Kombucha direct from the fermenter straight to your gut. After all, the best things in life are fresh!

How Fresh is Fresh?

Momma Kombucha is not pasteurized and each bottle contains live bacteria that will continue to ferment and grow in the bottle. Our kombucha is fermented in stainless steel and packaged in glass to ensure that we have no contact with BPA, or other nasty plastics and chemicals.

Momma Loves our Planet

We run a collect and reuse system, which allows for even less waste to our beautiful planet.  We ask for our bottles to be cleaned & returned to us where we carefully wash, steam and then reuses them.  To participate in our collect & reuse program, we ask for a once-off payment on each bottle for your first order. When returning a bottle, you will only pay the refill amount.

All tea and fruit by-products are composted and returned to the earth

What’s in Momma Kombucha?

Momma Kombucha is made using a combination of Rooibos tea, Black tea, raw sugar, various fresh fruits & spices and of course Momma’s living SCOBY’s (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast).

Rooibos tea is a healthy, delicious tea, originating from South Africa. It is low in tannins and rich in antioxidants. It is anti inflammatory in nature, which means it reduces blood pressure and scavenges free radicals like other antioxidants. Rooibos is a naturally sweet tea and blends perfectly in our low sugar kombucha, flavoured with natural fruit.

Kombucha is a fermented drink and so sugar is required for energy during the fermentation process and is not present in any large quantity in the finished product.

Momma ensures that each fresh batch has a ph of 2.5-3, a sugar content of 2g/100ml and an alcohol level no higher than 0.5% (Non-toxifying)

Warning – Momma can Fizz!

Our kombucha is so fresh and full of active bacterias that it continues to ferment on its way to you.  Our bottles are delivered ready to drink.

PLEASE KEEP BOTTLES REFRIGERATED AT ALL TIMES, otherwise, they may potentially crack.  Consume by the best before date provided.

Always open the bottle by placing a dishtowel over the spout and carefully and slowly releasing the pressure away from your face.

Our kombucha should be consumed within one week of opening the bottle and is best before a month. The best before date can be found on the label


The fruitful box offers delivery Momma Kombucha with all delivery-boxes ordered as well as pickups. $14 1 L Living kombucha

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